Tidal Series 3×2 Bundle + Free Tumbler


We thought it was finally time for a single hop series – a series as an ode to the rise and fall of the oceans. A hoppy bundle of three brews, each showcasing a different single hop variant. Brewed with almost the same grain base, but different gravities for changing the tides…

What’s in the box?

2x Low Tide – Amarillo IPA – 6,5% ABV
2x High Tide – HBC630 Double IPA – 8,0% ABV
2x Storm Tide – Mosaic Triple IPA – 9,5% ABV

+ FREE Duo Logo Tumblr Glass

2,64L für 35,49€ (13,44€ pro L) Preis inkl. MwSt und 0,25€ Pfand pro Dose. Zzgl. Versand

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LOW TIDE – THE TIDAL SERIES I – Amarillo IPA 6,5% abv

Starting easy and slow with a tide that’s low. A smooth and juicy IPA, whirlpooled & double dry hopped with one of the first hop varieties that excited us back in the days and fortunately is now also grown in Germany. So we combined Hallertauer Amarillo T90 with Amarillo US T90 & Amarillo US Cryo pellets, known for its piney & lemony orange aromas.

HIGH TIDE – THE TIDAL SERIES II – HBC630 Double IPA 〰 8,0% abv

A rising tide lifts all the boats! High tides, good vibes! A Double IPA exclusively whirlpooled & dry hopped with the still unnamed experimental hop HBC630 T90 & HBC630 Cryo, known for its unique aromas of berries like raspberry & cherry, tropical peach and sweet candy-like creamy fruits.

STORM TIDE – THE TIDAL SERIES III – Mosaic Triple IPA 〰 9,5% abv

Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors! Our second ever brewed TIPA: The Tidal Series’ grande finale. Whirlpooled & dry hopped to the brim with one of the rightly most popular hop in the craft beer industry: Mosaic! T90, Lupomax & Cryo hop pellets combined forming its unique earthy floral complexity and mixed aromas of stones fruits and berries.

Zutaten: Brauwasser, GerstenmalzWeizenmalz, Hafermalz, Hopfen, Hefe.

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